KCTCS Payment Plans

KCTCS Payment Plans

In addition to the payment options of cash, check, or credit card students may choose to participate in the KCTCS payment plan facilitated by FACTS Tuition Management Co. This is an option for students not planning to pay in full or have made arrangements to pay in full prior to the local college's required payment date. To enroll in a payment plan you can sign up electronically by logging into your student account using this link https://students.kctcs.edu/.

Students have the option, depending on registration date, to enroll in one of three payment plan options:

 Option1 $25   0% 4 payments Advance Reg 
 Option 2 $25  25% 3 payments Through Adv 
 Option 3 $25  50% 2 payments Reg Reg

Basic rule 50% down is required prior to the first day of class.

Financial Aid and Payment Plans

It is up to the student to work with the college when Financial Aid has paid a student's balance in full if they are also on a payment plan. The Payment Plan will not automatically adjust if some other form of payment reduces the account to a zero balance due. The Payment Plan will continue until the student contacts the local business office. In the event when Financial Aid has paid the balance in full the Payment Plan payment will be posted and any remaining credit balance will be refunded back to the student in the normal refund process for KCTCS.