Payment Due Dates & Cancellation

Tuition at KCTCS is assessed according to your student classification and program, your residency status, and whether you come from a state or province with which KCTCS has a reciprocity agreement. In addition to tuition, you may be charged fees based on a variety of criteria.

Once you register for classes, you are officially enrolled, committed to attend and financially obligated. You must pay for any course for which you register unless you officially withdraw. If you cancel after the 100% refund period, you must pay for any portion of the course for which you do not receive a monetary credit.

Payment Due Date

Each individual KCTCS college will set and publish in their college calendars the payment due dates for each term. Please contact your local KCTCS college for their payment due dates.

Cancellation of Registration

Students who have not paid their tuition and charges or arranged for a payment plans on or before the college's required payment date are subject to have their registrations cancelled for non-payment. If the student is reinstated after cancellation, a $75 reinstatement charge will be assessed.