Costs and Financial Aid
Net Price Calculator

Can you afford to go to KCTCS? Can you afford to not? Net Price Calculator will provide you with the ability to estimate federal aid eligibility based on the information you provide.

The estimates provided with this tool should be used as a guide to help you understand likely ranges for student aid you may be eligible to receive. Student aid award estimates are subject to change based on regulations, federal/ state appropriations, any changes in your financial circumstances, and other factors.

The information provided will determine your eligibility for student aid and your award estimates. The accuracy reflected in your results will be based on the data you provide to calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).

Costs & Financial Aid

Getting Started...

The first step in applying for financial aid is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA must be completed each year. Completing the FAFSA early will help ensure you receive limited state funds should you meet the eligibility requirements.

There are 3 basic types of federal financial aid, grants, loans, and work-study. Grants are funds that you do not have to repay. Work-study is a program where you work, generally at the college and around your class schedule, to earn money to help pay for your educational expenses. Finally, there are loans. Loans must be repaid with interest.  

Loan Borrower Responsibilities

Federal student loans for college or career school are an investment in your future. You should think carefully about the amount of loans you take out and the amount you will have to pay back over the years. You are responsible for repaying your student loans even if you do not graduate, have trouble finding a job after graduation, or if you are not satisfied with your education. Don’t ignore your student loan payments or you’ll risk going into default. Defaulting on your student loan can have serious consequences. For further information on avoiding default please check out our default management and financial literacy pages, here you will find valuable information that will help you manage you student loan debt.

2014-2015 Financial Aid Information

A college education is an excellent investment in your future. A degree or certificate from KCTCS will pay off throughout your career—in higher salary, better professional opportunities, and personal satisfaction.

And a KCTCS education is an especially good value. Tuition costs are very affordable, especially for residents of Kentucky, and we offer a range of scholarships, grants, loans. We work to bring this great education within reach for everyone.

As you explore your financial options, please feel free to contact us. We would love to tell you more about the value of a KCTCS education.

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