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Learn by Term Financial Aid

Grants and scholarships are available to assist eligible students with college expenses. To be eligible for federal financial aid, students must meet application criteria and select a program of study. Applying for financial aid will take at least eight weeks, so begin early!

Your financial aid officer can explain the dual enrollment certificate process if you are taking classes from more than one college, can confirm if a particular class fulfills an educational plan requirement, and will maintain your financial aid records while you are a student of that Home College.

Applications are available online at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov

If you prefer a "paper" application and/or help, you may go to the Financial Aid Office at any of the KCTCS colleges and pick up an application or make an appointment to receive help in applying online.

Remember: To complete the application, you will need to enter the college code. Enter your Home College code. Call the financial aid officer at your Home College for answers to any questions you may have.

Click Here for Financial Aid Officers Contact Information.

For more information regarding Financial Aid visit the KCTCS Financial Aid website.

Procedures for Students on Financial Aid Who Are Taking Online Classes from Different Delivering Colleges

Student's financial aid paperwork is submitted to, handled by, accounted for, and distributed by the Home College. Home College is the college from which you plan to obtain a degree.

To consider enrollment at non-KCTC schools, student picks up Dual Enrollment Certificates from any KCTCS financial aid office; all colleges have them.

Student completes a Dual Enrollment Certificate for each of the different Non-KCTCS Delivering Colleges and faxes, mails, or hand carries to the Registrar or Financial Aid office at the Delivering College(s).

The Non-KCTCS Delivering College verifies enrollment in the class, agrees to inform Home College Financial Aid officer of any change in the enrollment status, and faxes or mails the Dual Enrollment Certificate back to the Home College Financial Aid office.

For classes taken at different KCTCS schools, dual enrolled students will be identified by report. Students should take the Dual-Enrollment Form to the Home College Registrar.

In both cases the Home College Registrar verifies that the class taken from the Delivering College counts toward that student's degree plan. Students are paid for the classes taken at their Home College, as well as for those classes which count toward their degree from the Delivering Colleges. If the class(es) taken from the Delivering Colleges do not count toward their degree, students must pay for the class(es) themselves. In addition, students are responsible for paying for classes taken at schools other than KCTCS schools.

Financial aid may be available to you for Informational Technology programs.

Financial Aid for IT Certification

IT Skills Loan
Whether you're just starting out, or are looking to upgrade your skills and advance in your current position, the IT Skills Loan Program can help you get the training and tools you need to launch your career. If you would rather call, dial 1-888-895-LOAN.

Key Education Resources
Key Education Resources is prepared to assist you in achieving your IT goals. The Key CareerLoan For IT is an easy and affordable education loan designed specifically to finance the requirements of an IT education. If you would rather call, dial 1-800-828-3509.

Scholarship availability differs from college to college. Contact your Financial Aid office at your Home College for information.