Promotion Training Materials


  • Marks an achievement of successful contributions in all assigned areas;
  • Is an important part of becoming a more reflective and successful faculty member.

Promotion Formats

You will use the appropriate format to compile your portfolio.

New Integrated Format

  • The New Integrated Format combines the first two in an effort to bring together the formats from the community and technical colleges into one format.
  • Faculty hired in 2004 and thereafter are under the New Integrated Format.
  • The New Integrated Format may be used by faculty hired prior to 2004, if they so choose.

Common Integrated Process for All Faculty

  1. The college president/ceo invites "a faculty member to prepare a vita and the appropriate supporting materials" for a promotion file;
  2. "The college president/ceo has the responsibility for ensuring that each promotion file is complete and contains the advice of [letter from] the division chair and six or more faculty letters, including at least all Associate and Professor division members located on the same campus [college]." As a candidate for promotion, you should provide a current vita to all faculty who would be writing letters.

Minimum Time-in-Rank

The time in rank is 3(Assistant)-3 (Associate)-6 (Professor); the faculty member is eligible for promotion during the third, sixth, and twelfth year with the current year’s counting as one of the 3-3-6.

Local College Support

You should have a mentor, either self-selected or assigned by the College Advisory Committee on Promotion, on your campus to assist you in compiling your promotion file.

Additional Integrated Procedures for All Faculty

Other promotion process that are the same for all include:

  • The appeal period is 30 days;
  • An appeal hearing format will utilized.

How To Portfolio Formats

Faculty Promotion Review - New Hires 2004 and thereafter

Faculty Promotion Review - CC

Faculty Promotion Review - TC