Fiscal Year Insurance Calendar

Expiration Dates of KCTCS Insurance Policies
Required Due Dates for Information to Insurance Coordinator

July 1

  • General Liability Insurance Policy expires
  • Crime Insurance Policy expires
  • Umbrella Insurance Policy expires
  • Dishonesty Insurance Policy expires
  • International Insurance Policy expires
  • Limited Professional Lability Policy expires
  • Blanket Student Accident Policy expires
  • Camp Insurance Policy expires
  • Day Care Liability Policy expires
  • Aviation Insurance Policy for Somerset expires
  • Fire & Tornado Policy expires
  • Auto Liability Insurance Policy expires
  • Equine Studies General Liability Policy Expires

August 1

  • Insurance information due for the renewal of the Educator's Professional (Legal) Liability policy

August 17

  • Hazard Intramural Sports Coverage Policy expires

September 11

  • Hopkinsville Intramural Sports Coverage Policy expires

October 1

  • Equipment Breakdown Policy (boiler & machinery) expires
  • Bluegrass Intramural Sports Coverage Policy expires

October 4

  • Somerset Intramural Sports Coverage Policy expires

October 13

  • Educator's Professional (Legal) Liability Policy expires

October 14

  • Southeast Intramural Sports Coverage Policy expires

October 15

  • Maysville Intramural Sports Coverage Policy expires

November 17

  • Limited Professional Liability Policy (for students in Clinicals In Virginia) expires

April 1

  • Student Enrollment figures for all students enrolled in covered programs under the Limited Professional Liability Insurance Policy due to the insurance coordinator, including information on Dental Clinics.

April 24

  • Aviation Insurance Application completed with updated information for renewal of the Aviaiton Insurance Policy at Somerset

May 1

  • Information to update Fire & Tornado insurance policy is due in order to be included on new policy.

May 3

  • Renewal information such as License number and number of children enrolled in KCTCS operated Day Cares.

May 10

  • Information such as listing of all buildings (owned, leased & free space), square footage, and student enrollment figures due to insurance coordinator for renewal of KCTCS General Liability Policy, Crime Policy & Umbrella

May 16

  • Student Enrollment figures for Summer Semester, Fall Semester, and Spring Semester are needed in order to complete the Blanket Student Accident application.

June 1

  • Updated information on KCTCS vehicles is needed in order to be included on new Auto Insurance policy with state.


  • Camp Insurance information is gathered on a daily basis
  • Trips out of the country need to be scheduled 6 weeks prior to departure in order to be covered under the International Insurance policy.