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To be the trusted advisor for and the champion of technology based solutions while first considering the human and functional elements in any proposed solution for KCTCS Colleges, faculty, staff and students.

Mission Statement

  1. Create better understanding of the pervasive nature and role of technology in all facets of the KCTCS mission
  2. Provide enterprise-wide hardware, software and support for management and analysis of administrative and academic functions.
  3. Provide advice, hardware, software and/or support for a college or consortia of colleges for specific, goal-directed administrative or academic functions based on the priorities established by the PLT and President’s Cabinet.
  4. Provide functional and technical staffing for development and/or implementation of software and hardware enhancements, improvements and features which meet prioritized business needs
  5. Be the go-to business unit at the System Office for support of all technology planning and development activities for the Colleges and campuses of the KCTCS system.
  6. Provide a common technical experience for faculty, staff and students across the system as they access administrative systems and support services


  • Responsiveness to students, faculty, staff, employers and communities
  • Access with innovative and flexible delivery mechanisms
  • Trust, respect and open communication
  • Inclusion and engagement of appropriate, multiple constituent groups in planning, prioritization and acquisition of technological solutions
  • Continuous improvement in practices and processes

Annual Reports

Each year, Technology Solutions publishes a report of highlights, accomplishments, and projects that have been achieved. Additionally, the report lays out the goals and plans for the upcoming year.