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About Technology Solutions

The KCTCS Technology Solutions department empowers staff, faculty, and students to use technology through the delivery of efficient, adaptable, and well managed services. These services include:

ComputerAdministrative Computing

This area of the Technology Solutions department assists KCTCS in managing major applications such as:

Financials/Supply Chain Management system- Maintains the KCTCS core financial information, including applications related to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable/Billing, Asset Management, Budgets, General Ledger, and Purchasing.

Human Capital Management system- Maintains information about KCTCS employees and departments and supports processes such as Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits.

Enterprise Performance Management system (Data Warehouse) -Maintains an evolving set of data used for reporting, planning, and decision making. The data may contain information extracted from the financials system, campus operational systems, human resources system, and external data sources.

Campus Solutions system- Provides a single, cohesive authoritative data source for student-related data. Campus Solutions is used for activities such as: academic advising, financial aid, course administration and enrollment, admissions, recruiting, student records, and student financials.

Technology Solutions provides project development & delivery, operational support, reporting, and regular updates and maintenance to all these enterprise systems.

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BlackboardBlackboard System

Blackboard Learn is the learning management system used at KCTCS to facilitate teaching and learning for both online and face-to-face instruction. This area of Technology Solutions provides support in instruction, communication, and assessment using a variety of Blackboard tools and third party web-based solutions.

Engagement tools in Blackboard allow for critical thinking, discussions, collaboration, and reflection. Tools such as Blackboard Collaborate allows users to work together in real-time by providing web conferencing, mobile collaboration, instant messaging, and voice authoring. Blackboard Collaborate lets users create engaging and effective virtual classroom activities, meetings, webinars, professional development, and blended learning that may be recorded for viewing at a later time.

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EmailEmail, Messaging, & Lync

This area of the Technology Solutions department provides messaging, collaboration, and directory services to KCTCS through the use of various Microsoft solutions. These solutions include Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Office365, and Active Directory.

Microsoft Lync allows KCTCS to collaborate in real-time using IM, voice and video conferencing, and desktop sharing. This service helps employees work together and produce instant results, regardless of geographic location.

Email services are provided to KCTCS using the Microsoft Office365 platform. Office365 allows KCTCS to stay on the leading edge as new messaging features are available.

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Question MarkHelp Desk End User Support

This area of the Technology Solutions department provides end user support for all technology systems and solutions. A team of technical and subject matter experts provide rapid responses to tickets submitted by faculty and staff from all KCTCS colleges. The Help Desk also provides end users with the answers to frequently asked questions and access to forms and downloads.

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Password Reset IconLibrary System

This area of Technology Solutions provides administrative and technical support for the Voyager integrated library system from Ex Libris Group.  Our students, faculty, and staff use Voyager to discover library resources required for teaching, learning, and research.  In addition, library faculty and staff use Voyager to manage their library collections. 

Like most computing, library systems are in transition from client-server architecture to cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solutions.  LSS is actively involved in this transition as we work to implement Ex Libris’s Primo, a 21st century discovery and delivery service for library resources.  Primo will replace the KCTCS Library Catalog and multiple discovery interfaces for electronic subscription resources.  With Primo, library users will have a single, unified search interface for discovering physical, electronic, and digital resources provided by our libraries.  In addition to our current transition to a 21st century user experience for resource discovery, we are engaged in charting KCTCS libraries’ course forward to a unified resource management system that will eventually replace the staff-side functions of Voyager.

Library Systems and Support also plays a role in many of the collaborative activities of the libraries.  These include such things as facilitating the library directors’ Library Services and Resources Peer Team; assisting system-wide committees in various areas of library functions and services; coordinating system-wide subscriptions for electronic resources and library technologies; and collaborating with other areas of Technology Solutions and the System Office on the libraries’ behalf.  The office is active in the various consortia to which the libraries belong, including KYVL and other state and national library organizations. 

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This area of Technology Solutions provides technical and systems support coordination for a complex computing and network environment. They are responsible for ensuring available system resources are effectively managed to provide optimal support to performance and service priorities defined by KCTCS mission. 

Additionally, they coordinate system-wide information systems, including administrative applications, email, network, telephony, etc., working with college leadership and resources as well as strategic partners to find the best mix of services to further the mission of KCTCS.

Coordinating design, engineering, and management of enterprise voice, data, and video networking services for the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and its related activities is also a key activity of operations while promoting and maintaining computing and communications infrastructure standards and policies. 

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This area of the Technology Solutions department serves as the primary contact for issues related to confidential and restricted information, ensuring that security breaches are handled properly and notifications are sent to all affected parties.

Additionally, this team recommends rules, guidelines, and provides definitions for responsible use as well as performs vulnerability and pen-testing assessments to keep safeguards in check while coordinating with external auditors to make sure compliance requirements are met.

UserUser Account Services

This area of Technology Solutions is responsible for creating and managing user accounts for staff and students.

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