Financial Records & Maintenance

Sponsored Project Accounting’s Responsibilities

The Office of Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) is responsible for the financial reporting and billing to the Awarding Agencies and Sponsors.  Once a project/grant is established in PeopleSoft, a Grant Accounting Specialist, from the System Office, will be assigned the responsibility of reporting the expenditures out of PeopleSoft for that specific project/grant (GRT number).  The timing and methods of the Sponsor’s reports are based of the specific terms and conditions of each individual project/grant agreement.

College’s Responsibilities

The approval of all grant expenditures and documentation of all expenditures, including any matching for the project/grant is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator / Project Manager.  While project staff and College Business Office personnel may provide a great deal of assistance, the ultimate responsibility rests with the Project Manager to maintain documentation and authorize project/grant expenditures.  The Project Manager should be certain that their college is maintaining copies of all expenses charged to the project/grant budget including those for personnel, equipment, supplies, travel, and cost share expenditures.

Financial Records and Maintenance

It is the Project Manager’s responsibility to monitor and authorize all project/grant expenditures and to make certain that all funds are expended in accordance with the approved budget and within the grant project timelines.  The Project Manager or a designated project staff member should be reviewing expenditures posted in PeopleSoft on a monthly basis.  Access to PeopleSoft can be obtained by contacting their College Business Affairs Officer.  The two (2) PeopleSoft reports that are recommended be run every month (at a minimum) are the Project/Grant Budget Status Report and Detail Journal Lines Query.  The instructions for running these two reports are included in this section.  The entire PeopleSoft – Financials training manual can be found on DocuShare at:

The form for requesting access to the financial system in PeopleSoft is a BA5 form.  It can be found on the KCTCS forms web page at:

Listed below are three (3) public queries that you might find helpful for monitoring project/grant expenditures.
GRANTS_ALL_JNR_LINES  Expenses By Grant:   Detail Journal Lines
GRANTS_AP_CONTENTS  Enter AP number for Voucher, Vendor Name, PO#
GRANTS_AP_PAYMENTS_W_VENDOR  By Grant:  All Accts Payable payments w/Vendor