How to Set Up a Grant Budget

Setting up a KCTCS Sponsored Project/Grant

Once written notification of the grant award has been received, the Project Director must complete and sign an Internal Approval Form (GC1).  The Project Director then forwards the completed GC1 form, along with a copy of the contract or award notice, to their College's Grants and Contracts Director.  If their College does not have a Grants and Contracts Office, they send all this information to their College's Business Office.  After obtaining the remaining necessary College signatures, the original GC1 and backup documentation must be sent to the KCTCS Office of Sponsored Projects.

After the KCTCS Office of Sponsored Projects Accounting receives the completed GC1 and sponsor documents, they will create a Fund 12 chart string and budget in KCTCS' financial system.  All sponsored project grants will be assigned a unique grant number beginning with the letters GRT (i.e. GRT42434).  A Project/grant Budget Status Report (KGC-8040) will be sent to the Project Manager, College Business Affairs Officer, and other appropriate personnel by e-mail as notification of the new GRT budget string.  This will be the account string the Project Manager, Grant Staff and College business and payroll personnel will use for all expenditures related to the new project grant.  This account string should be kept where it can be easily accessed. 

Important tips related to account set-up:
The Sponsor's budget expenditure categories may differ from KCTCS' categories, so it is important to use care when dealing with budgetary information.  Contact your College Business Office or Sponsored Projects Accounting if you need assistance in completing the budget information on page 2 of the Internal Approval Form (GC1).

Once the College receives the project/grant chart string information from Sponsored Projects Accounting, the Project Manager needs to immediately contact their College Human Resource (HR) or Payroll Office to get the personnel that will be working on the project assigned to this new chart string in the KCTCS Human Resource (HR) System.  The HR/Payroll Office will need to know the name of each person, the amount of effort (either hours or percentage of time), the date they will start working on the project/grant and what activities they will be performing. 

The full Fund 12 chart string should be recorded on all appropriate documents to ensure the proper grant account is charged for expenses.
In the event a budget revision is needed after the project/grant budget string is established in PeopleSoft, a Budget Revision Request Form (GC2) must be completed, signed and submitted with backup documentation of authorization to the KCTCS Sponsored Projects Office.