Student Financials

Tuition and Charges for KCTCS Colleges
Comprehensive list of all KCTCS tuition rates and charges.

Billing Statements and Payments 
Your billing statement details the amount due from your student account for any unpaid tuition and charges; plus any previously unpaid balances from prior terms.

Payment Plans 
KCTCS offers payment installment plans through a third party vendor at a nominal charge.

Third Party Billing 
Student may have an outside agencies (know as a Third Party) pay for tuition and charges.

Payment Due Dates and Cancellation 
Contact your local college for college specific required payment dates and cancellation policies.

Refund procedures and schedules for credit courses.

1098T Tuition Tax Form 
An eligible educational institution, such as Kentucky Community and Technical College System that received qualified tuition and related expenses on your behalf must furnish this statement to you.