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Treasury Management

Treasury Management Staff

   David C. Adkins
   System Director of Treasury Management
   Telephone:  859-256-3206
   Fax:  859-256-3123
   Aaron Berge
   Director of Cash Management
   Telephone:  859-256-3283
   Fax:  859-256-3123
   Pam Rhodes
   Treasury Assistant
   Telephone:  859-256-3552
   Fax:  859-256-3123

Treasury Management Policies

Banking Relationships

  • 3.5.1 Regulations Concerning Bank Accounts and Deposits
  • 3.5.2 Establishing and Maintenance of College Bank Accounts
  • 3.5.3 Electronic Fund Transfer of Cash Balances

Bank Account Request Form

Imprest Cash Funds

  • 3.6.1   General
  • 3.6.2   Fund Custodian General Responsibilities
  • 3.6.3   Allowable Imprest Cash Funds
  • 3.6.4   Establishing Imprest Cash Funds
  • 3.6.5   Responsibility for Imprest Cash Fund
  • 3.6.6   Control of Imprest Cash Funds
  • 3.6.7   Replenishing Imprest Cash Funds
  • 3.6.8   Changes in Custodianship
  • 3.6.9   Terminating Imprest Cash Funds
  • 3.6.10 Reconciliation of Imprest Cash Funds


     Request to Establish or Increase Cash Funds
     Reconciliation of Imprest Cash Fund
     Request to Change Custodian of Imprest Cash Fund