KCTCS Online: Learn By Term

Learn by Term Advisors

Below is a list of Learn By Term Advisors. Advisors are listed by college except for Jefferson Community and Technical College and Bluegrass Community and Technical College which assign advisors by students' last name.

Ashland Community & Technical College
College Drive Campus Amy Poteet 606-326-2095
Chandra Kumar 606-326-2008
Technology Drive Campus Barbara Bramblett 606-928-6427
Big Sandy Community & Technical College
  Chenzhao Vierheller
  Toufic Saad  
Paula Thompson
Kathryn Miller
Diana Pack
Cynthia Manning
Bluegrass Community and Technical College

All BCTC Online Students should visit http://www.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/en/Academics/Distance_Learning/Student_Resources/Academic_Advising.aspx. If you cannot find the needed information at this link, please contact bl_distancelearning@kctcs.edu or telephone 1-866-774-4872 x56331.

Elizabethtown Community & Technical College


Gateway Community & Technical College
  Karen LaRosa 859-442-4163
Academic Advising Center 859-442-1630
Hazard Community & Technical College
    1-800-246-7521 or 606-436-5721
  Ella Strong  
  Hallie Bowling  
  Helen Brunty  
  Paul Currie  
  David Frazier  
  Arzella Howard  
  Lisa Maggard  
  Anna Napier  
  Stephanie Vergne  
Henderson Community College
  Eugene Patsalides 270-831-9688
Hopkinsville Community College
Hopkinsville Distance Learning Support Contact: ADVISING CENTER 270-707-3820

Hopkinsville Contact Link for Inquiries:  http://www.hopkinsville.kctcs.edu/About/Contact_Us.aspx

Jefferson Community & Technical College
Jefferson Contact Link for Inquiries:


Madisonville Community College
  Chet Cunningham 270-821-2250
  Natalie Cooper  
Maysville Community & Technical College
  Wendy Noble
  Martha Bone  
  Mollie Appelman  
Owensboro Community & Technical College
  Ed Morris 270-686-4608
Somerset Community College
  Jami Evans  606-878-4833
Southcentral Community & Technical College
  Loucas Papalouca 270-901-1165
Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College
  Gary Gibson 606-589-2145
  Lige Buell  
  Kevin Lambert  
  Sue Greer-Pitt  
  Wheeler Connover  
West Kentucky Community & Technical College
Dean, Online Learning Connie Heflin 270-534-3470
Online Student services Christina Anderson 270-534-3263