Interactive Digital Center

As part of its commitment to developing Kentucky's workforce, Kentucky Community and Technical College System has launched the KCTCS Interactive Digital Center. The Interactive Digital Center provides cutting edge visualization technologies that support the delivery of high quality simulation based training.

Through this immersive, interactive solution, the Interactive Digital Center helps companies shorten learning cycles and reduce training costs. And because the KCTCS Interactive Digital Center supports client-specific digital assets, clients can create robust content training applications that are customized to fit their employees' needs.

If you are interested in learning how the KCTCS Interactive Digital Center can provide a cutting-edge, cost-saving solution for your training needs, start by learning more about the solutions that we can offer, or contact Jamie Justice, KCTCS Director of Visualized Learning and Innovation.

Press Releases

OCT 14 2009

KCTCS IDC Delivers a New Simulation-Based Precision Measurement Learning Module Using EON Reality’s Software.

Sept13 2009

CTCS IDC is providing a new solution for solar power system technician training.

Our Mission

Taking an entrepreneurial approach for the integration and application of cutting edge technologies for the enhancement and support of the KCTCS educational mission, we provide a content creation, research and development center.

Textbook Released

Interactive 3D Application Development: Using EON Professional for Creating 3D Visualization Textbook cover