KCTCS Education Abroad Options (2012)

Europe Quartet Tour of Europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London): May 4-14, 2012.

    Contacts:  Darlene Libby (Somerset) or Barry Motes (Jefferson)  Est. cost:  $3200  EF Tour

Experience India (Delhi and Dharamsala):  June 30-July 20, 2012. Course credit available.

    Contact:  Ken Casey (Hopkinsville).  Est. cost $1600 plus airfare ($1200-$1700). Not an EF Tour.

France and Spain (Paris, Avignon, Nimes, and Barcelona):  March 1-11, 2012 (Spring break).

    Contact:  Fares F. Da Silva, Jr. (Gateway)  Est. cost:  $2375. EF Tour

Germany and the Alps (Frankfort, Rothenburg, Munich, and Neuschwanstein, Lucerne, and Heidelberg): June 13-24, 2012.

    Contact: Matthew B. Smith (Big Sandy).  Est. cost:  $3400. EF Tour.

Owensboro Sister Cities (Karacow, Poland; Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungary; and Bratislava, Slavakia):  May 14-June 21, 2012. Course credit available.

    Contact:  Pamela S. Wilson (Owensboro).  Est. cost:  $4000. Not an EF Tour.

Peru:  Land of the Inca (Lima, Cuzco, and Machu Picchu): June 10-19, 2012.

    Contact:  Particia A. Blaine (West Kentucky).  Est. cost:  $3142. EF Tour.

Spain:  Land of Many Cultures (Madrid, Seville, Granada and Barcelona): May 15-26, 2012.

    Contact:  Margaret A. Proctor (Southeast).  Est. cost:  $2813. EF Tour.

Venice, Florence, and Rome (Venice, Bologna, Florence, Assisi, Rome, Pompei, and Capri). May 15-26, 2012.

    Contact:  Rachel L. Ray (Elizabethtown).  Est. cost:  $3583. EF Tour.


Additional information about EF Tours may be found at www.eftours.com