Board of Directors Members

Photo of Annissa M Franklin Annissa M. Franklin
Urban League of
Chief Administrative

Photo of Florence Hoffman Florence Sue Huffman
Private Practice Attorney

S. Dudley TaylorS. Dudley Taylor
Board Vice Chair
Banker / Accountant

Nick Harding
SGA Representative

Jeffrey HerronDr. Jeffrey D. Herron
Staff Representative
Associate Director, Advising
and Assessment Center

Pamela Brough
Board Secretary
Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, President

Photo of Ron L Walker Jr Ron L. Walker, Jr.
Board Chair
U.S Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney

Photo of Bob Rowland Robert E. "Bob" Rowland
Retired Superintendent of Danville Public Schools

Photo of Bob McNulty Robert McNulty
U.S. Postal Service, Letter Carrier

Joshua Hoekstra
Faculty Representative
Associate Professor and Coordinator of Foreign Languages