Leadership Executive Team

Leadership Executive Team (LET) meets every Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Dr. Augusta A. Julian

BCTC Leadership Executive Team (LET) Functions
BCTC Leadership Executive Team (LET) Names
(updated 05/31/2016)

Greg Feeney

Vice President, Academics and Workforce Development
Dr. Gregory J. Feeney

BCTC Academics & Workforce Development Functions
BCTC Academics & Workforce Development with Staff
Academics web page
Workforce Development web page
(updated 12/15/2015)

Photo of Palisa Rushin

Vice President, Student Development and Enrollment Management
Dr. Palisa Williams Rushin

BCTC Student Development & Enrollment Management Functions
BCTC Student Development & Enrollment Management with Staff
SDEM web page
(updated 08/14/2015)

Photo of Ren Bates

Vice President, Information Technology Services
Ren Bates

BCTC Information Technology Services Functions
BCTC Information Technology Services with Staff ITS web page
(updated 10/31/2016)

Photo of Mark Manual

Vice President, Advancement and Organizational Development
Mark Manuel

BCTC Advancement & Organizational Development Functions
BCTC Advancement & Organizational Development with Staff
Regional Campuses web page
(updated 08/17/2015)

Photo of Lisa Bell

Vice President, Finance and Operations
Lisa G. Bell

BCTC Finance & Operations Functions
BCTC Finance & Operations with Staff
Finance and Operations web page
(updated 06/23/2016)

Photo of Charlene Walker

Vice President, Multiculturalism and Inclusion
Charlene Walker

BCTC Multiculturalism & Inclusion Functions
BCTC Multiculturalism & Inclusion with Staff
Multiculturalism and Inclusion web page
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