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Criminal Justice

Interim Coordinator/Program Contact

Greg Rickert
238 Moloney Building, Cooper Campus

Program Information

The Criminal Justice Program prepares the student for entry level work in the fields of law enforcement, corrections, court systems, loss safety and prevention, and other related occupations. The Criminal Justice vocations have evolved from jobs with minimal requirements to employment positions that require complex knowledge and skills. The Criminal Justice Program Curriculum provides the student with a foundation of theory, principles, and techniques employed by the criminal justice agencies. Graduates who complete an AAS Criminal Justice Degree may seek job opportunities on the federal, state, county, municipal levels of government, and private sectors of the criminal justice field.

Progression in the Criminal Justice program is contingent upon the achievement of a grade of C or better in each CRJ course and maintenance of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better (on a 4.0 scale).

Graduation of an AAS Criminal Justice Degree or program certificate(s) is contingent on the completion of the approved post exit exam as identified by the Criminal Justice KCTCS Curriculum Committee. Failure to complete the identified and approved post exit exam will result in the failure to complete required Criminal Justice Program requirements (as identified by the Criminal Justice KCTCS Curriculum Committee), and graduation of the AAS Criminal Justice Degree or program certificate(s) will not be issued to the student. See program worksheet for more information.

Program Checklists

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Program Website

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