Compass Reading Refresher

Goal one in our Read for LIFE plan includes meaningful developmental advising. Thus, we want to ensure reading placement, along with advising for students placing into reading courses, is as accurate as it can be. Recent QEP research reveals that nearly 22% of students placing into RDG020 or RDG030 based on Compass scores could have bypassed transitional reading altogether with a little help.

Consequently, our QEP/Read for LIFE team has developed a Compass Reading Refresher (CRR) to help students prepare to Compass test (or to retest) in reading. This Compass reading prep is easily accessible through Blackboard's eCommunity.

If students taking the Compass test need help with the reading section this semester:

  • We ask that staff and faculty advisors share this information with students placing into transitional reading courses.
  • Students may access easy instructions for accessing the CRR through Blackboard's eCommunity by clicking on: Compass Reading Refresher Access.
  • A student may access the CRR tutoring tool from ANY CAMPUS through Blackboard's eCommunity, as long the student has a KCTCS email username and password.
  • If students need assistance accessing the Compass Reading Refresher, they should contact our BCTC Reading Tutor, Suzanne McIntosh, or click on the link for instructions to access the CRR: Compass Reading Refresher Access.