Upcoming Network Outage / Service Delay

alert icon (1) Upcoming Network Outage: On Saturday, August 5th from 7:30AM to roughly 5:00PM, many of our servers and services will be unavailable due to extensive electrical work in the main server room at Newtown Campus. Network and phone service may also be disrupted during this time. (2) Service Delay: We are currently experiencing longer load times for our online application. We apologize for this delay and appreciate your patience.
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Rebecca Glasscock, Professor
Geography, PhD, University of Kentucky, 2004
Office: 221 Moloney Building, Cooper Campus
(859) 246-6319

Jeanne Humble, Associate Professor
Sociology, MA, University of Kentucky, 1970
Office: 216 Moloney Building, Cooper Campus
(859) 246-6315

Ryan Kelly, Professor
Geography and GIS, MS, Florida State University, 1995
Office: 232 Moloney Building, Cooper Campus
(859) 246-6328

Leon Lane, Jr., Associate Professor
Anthropology, MA, University of Kentucky, 1993
Office: 234 Moloney Building, Cooper Campus
(859) 246-6327