American Sign Language

ASL 101 American Sign Language I (3 credits)

A functional-notational approach to learning beginning competency in American Sign Language (ASL). The syntax, grammar, and non-manual markers (behaviors) of ASL and cultural information will be incorporated. After an initial orientation period, no verbal communication will be used in the classroom.

ASL 102 American Sign Language II (3 credits)

A functional-notational approach designed to follow SED 101 that will enhance students' knowledge of American Sign Language and expand their understanding and appreciation of the people who use it.
Prerequisite: SED 101.

ASL 203 American Sign Language III (3 credits)

Emphasis is placed on practical application of ASL signing skills, development of cross-cultural communication abilities, and vocabulary expansion. Linguistic information is reviewed and additional linguistic materials are introduced.
Prerequisite: SED 102.

ASL 204 American Sign Language IV (3 credits)

Continued expansion of sign vocabulary, sharpening of conversational skills including fingerspelling and numbers, semantics, morphology, syntax and other ASL features applied to conversational settings.
Prerequisite: SED 203.


JPN 101 Beginning Japanese I (4 credits)

A course in first semester Japanese language

JPN 102 Beginning Japanese II (4 credits)

A course in second semester Japanese language.
Prerequisite: JPN 101 or equivalent


SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I (spoken approach) (4 credits)

This course is designed to introduce basic modes of communications in Spanish. The emphasis is on everyday language which the students will learn by applying essential grammatical structures to vocabulary. Both listening and reading comprehension are stressed. The textbook provides instructional assignments and self-correctional exercises.

SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II (spoken approach) (4 credits)

A continuation of SPA 101.
Prerequisite: SPA 101 or consent of department and/or placement test.

SPA 201 Intermediate Spanish III (spoken approach) (3 credits)

Review and reinforcement of grammatical and phonological patterns. Emphasis will be given to developing reading, listening and speaking skills based on contemporary texts.
Prerequisite: SPA 102 or consent of department and/or placement test.

SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish IV (spoken approach) (3 credits)

Continuation of SPA 201. Emphasis is on review and refinement of grammatical concepts learned in SPA 101-201.
Prerequisite: SPA 201 or consent of department and/or placement test.