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Human Services Program

The Human Services Program

Human Services is an Associate of Applied Science degree designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in agencies and institutions that provide social, community, educational and mental health services. Students who are interested in the helping professions can prepare for employment in mental health settings, chemical dependency settings, hospitals, educational institutions, correctional facilities, geriatric settings, child/youth centers, family support offices, and/or social service agencies. If you are a person that likes helping others then this may be a program for you.


Math (3 hrs)

  • Mathematics Course*
  • MA 109
  • MA 111
    • or MT 115
    • or any Mathematics course accepted by A.A.S programs

Written Communication * (6 hrs)

  • ENG 101 Writing I
  • ENG 102 Writing II

Oral Communications * (3 hrs)

  • COM 181 Basic Public Speaking
  • COM 252 Intro. to Interpersonal Communication

Natural Science Course * (3 hrs)

Social/Behavioral Sciences (12-13 hrs)

  • PY 110 General Psychology *
    • or PSY 100
  • Introduction to Psychology *
  • PSY 223 Developmental Psychology *
  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology *
  • SOC 152 Modern Social Problems *
    • or another Sociology course *

Humanities (3 hrs)

Heritage/Humanities course *

Technology (3 hrs)

  • CIS 100 Introduction to Computers *
    • or CS 101 Introduction to Computing
    • or CIT 105 *

Human Services Requirements (16 hrs)

  • HS 101 Intro. to Human Services
    • or SW 124 Intro. to Social Services
  • HS 101 Values of Human Services in a Contemporary Society
  • HS 103 Theories and Techniques in Human Resources
  • HS 104 Group Dynamics for Human Services
  • HS 250 Practicum in Human Services

Technical Courses (6 hrs)

  • A list of Technical Electives can be found in the KCTCS catalog.

Electives (9 hrs)

  • Total Credit Hours (62-65)

* General Education course