Prepaid Expenses

If services or products have been paid for and are to be performed/received after June 30, 2013 the related expense should be recorded in the new fiscal year as an FY 2014 expense. This means, if you have not received the product or service, regardless of whether or not you have paid for the service the expense must be recorded in the year for which it is received, e.g., FY 2014. Examples include items like travel to be taken in FY 2014, but paid for in FY 2013 and postage paid in FY 2013 for usage in FY 2014.

Please use the Prepaids Template for Prepaids.

Other examples include, but are not limited to:

  • membership dues
  • maintenance agreement
  • library subscriptions

The format of the template should not be changed in any way. Please do not change fonts, formats, add rows or columns.

It is important that you begin thinking about goods, services, reimbursements; any transactions that will incur in this fiscal year but an invoice, reimbursement, or payment method will not be created by June 30, 2013.

Fill out the form completely.


Chartstring Changes: If you know that the current FY13 chart string will change in the next FY (and you know what the new string will be), provide the new chartstring. Do not copy the same chartifield information if the chartfield string will not change in FY14.