Member Directory

BCTC Curriculum Review Committee Officers

Chair, BCTC CRC: Karen Gauthier

Representative to KCTCS CRC: Barbara Simimongkhon (Ex Officio with voting rights)

Chair of the Faculty [or Designee] (Ex Officio with voting rights) Valdis Zeps [James Kolasa, Designee]

BCTC Curriculum Review Committee Members

(listed alphabetically by Division)

Student Government Appointee

AMT- Danny Roberts (2017)
Leestown Campus
(859) 246-6773

AS- Steve Stone (2016)
Cooper Campus
(859) 246-6387

BCIS- James Kolasa (2017)
Newtown Campus
(859) 246-6295

CHLSS- Jenny Jones (2018)
Newtown Campus
(859) 246-6653

HUM- James Fenton (2018)
Cooper Campus
(859) 246-6364

MS- Kausha Miller (2017)
Newtown Campus
(859) 246-6417

NS- Charles Coulston (2018)
Cooper Campus
(859) 246-6241

NUR- Dixie Webb (2018)
Lawrenceburg Campus

Secretary- Tim Birch (Non-voting)
Newtown Campus, room 213H
(859) 246-6590