BCTC Campuses Closed - Classes Cancelled for Today

alert icon All BCTC campuses are closed today, January 16, 2018. All classes are cancelled for today.

Information Security Basic Training

All KCTCS employees are required to complete Information Security Basic Training. To complete the training, please:

  • Go to https://kctcs.cosaint.net.
  • Log in using your e-mail address but do not use your KCTCS password. Instead, use the password sent to you in an earlier e-mail. (If you do not have the e-mail sent from KCTCS, then select "here" to the right of "Login Problems?" and follow the instructions.).
  • Once logged in successfully, select the "Courses" tab in the upper right-hand corner.
  • You are only required to complete the first module titled "Introduction to Information Security." To begin the course, click on "Start" to the right of the course title. ( Watch How-To Video )