Ordering Paper, Toner and Staples

Ordering Paper

Ordering of paper is done by the Division Office Manager or Administrative Assistants. Paper is charged to a college-wide chartstring. Contact Craig Dundon at craiga.dundon@kctcs.edu or the Associate Vice-President of Business Services to obtain the chartstring information.

Ordering Toner and Staples

Each device is assigned a BCTC Contact. BCTC Contacts are responsible for ordering and replacing toner and staples. BCTC Contacts may set-up an account at mykmbs.com to order toner and staples. Note: Toner and staples are included as part of our lease payment. If you are asked for payment when ordering supplies, please advise them that BCTC has a lease with them. If you have any issues, please contact the Associate Vice-President of Business Services.

The document links, below, provide contact information for each printer/copier:

  • Laser Printers - If the printer is experiencing a paper or toner issue, please contact your office manager or program coordinator. For all other issues, please contact the IT Support Center at 246-4600 or by submitting an online IT Assistance Request.
  • BCTC MFP Contact List - contact the Associate Vice-President of Business Services about the MFP contact list