Upcoming Network Outage / Service Delay

alert icon (1) Upcoming Network Outage: On Saturday, August 5th from 7:30AM to roughly 5:00PM, many of our servers and services will be unavailable due to extensive electrical work in the main server room at Newtown Campus. Network and phone service may also be disrupted during this time. (2) Service Delay: We are currently experiencing longer load times for our online application. We apologize for this delay and appreciate your patience.
More details about the upcoming network outage

Ordering Paper, Toner and Staples

Ordering Paper

Ordering of paper is done by the Division Office Manager or Administrative Assistants. Paper is charged to a college-wide chartstring. Contact Craig Dundon at craiga.dundon@kctcs.edu or the Associate Vice-President of Business Services to obtain the chartstring information.

Ordering Toner and Staples

Each device is assigned a BCTC Contact. BCTC Contacts are responsible for ordering and replacing toner and staples. BCTC Contacts may set-up an account at mykmbs.com to order toner and staples. Note: Toner and staples are included as part of our lease payment. If you are asked for payment when ordering supplies, please advise them that BCTC has a lease with them. If you have any issues, please contact the Associate Vice-President of Business Services.

The document links, below, provide contact information for each printer/copier:

  • Laser Printers - If the printer is experiencing a paper or toner issue, please contact your office manager or program coordinator. For all other issues, please contact the IT Support Center at 246-4600 or by submitting an online IT Assistance Request.
  • BCTC MFP Contact List - contact the Associate Vice-President of Business Services about the MFP contact list