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Course Descriptions

Developmental English Courses

ENC 090 - Foundations of College Writing I (3 hrs)

An introduction to composition for students needing basic writing instruction and a comprehensive review of mechanics and grammar as these apply to their own writing, this course stresses clarity, organization, development, and correctness in writing with an emphasis on paragraph-length assignments.
ENC 090 Syllabus

ENC 091 - Foundations of College Writing II (3 hrs)

Designed for students with some writing experience, this course includes instruction in the following: the writing process, organization, multiparagraph writings, editorial improvement, and critical reading. An introduction to research and documentation is also included.
ENC 091 Syllabus

Developmental Reading Courses

RDG 20 - Improving College Reading (3 hrs)

Designed to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, to develop a variety of reading rates, and to prepare students for college reading through individualized and/or group instruction and practice.
RDG 20 Syllabus

RDG 30 - Improving College Reading (3 hrs)

Designed to improve proficiency in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical reading skills. Strategies taught in the course are applied to college level reading materials.
RDG 30 Syllabus

Study Strategies Courses

IRW 95 Integrated Reading and Writing - (4 hrs)

Students who take this course receive credit for both ENC 91 and RDG 30. Emphasizes critical reading skills to develop vocabulary techniques, active reading strategies and comprehension accuracy. Applies writing as a process with instruction in intermediate writing skills. Introduces basic research and documentation through writing in response to reading.

IRW 95 Syllabus