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Literature classes may be used to full the Humanities requirement in Block 1 of the Associate in Arts (AA) and the Associate in Science (AS) degrees.

Humanities classes may also be used to fulfill requirements in Block 2 of the AA/AS degrees. AA students may take as many as four classes in the humanities.

In order to receive an AA/AS degree, students are required to take one Cultural Studies offering. The cultural studies class may also be used to fulfill other degree requirements. For example, a student who takes ENG 264, will fulfill both a Humanities requirement AND the Cultural Studies requirement.


  • ENG 161, Introduction to Literature
  • ENG 207 Creative Writing
  • ENG 230, Literature and Theme
  • ENG 231, Literature and Genre
  • ENG 234 Introduction to Women's Literature
  • ENG 264, Major Black Writers*
  • ENG 270 The Old Testament as Literature
  • ENG 271 The New Testament as Literature
  • ENG 281, Introduction to Film
  • ENG 282 International Film Studies
  • HUM 135, Native American Literature*
  • HUM 140, Introduction to Latino Literature*
  • HUM 150, Introduction to African Literature*
  • HUM 160, Introduction to Holocaust Literature and Film*

*Cultural studies option