Upcoming Network Outage / Service Delay

alert icon (1) Upcoming Network Outage: On Saturday, August 5th from 7:30AM to roughly 5:00PM, many of our servers and services will be unavailable due to extensive electrical work in the main server room at Newtown Campus. Network and phone service may also be disrupted during this time. (2) Service Delay: We are currently experiencing longer load times for our online application. We apologize for this delay and appreciate your patience.
More details about the upcoming network outage

Departmental Web Content

Responsible Unit: Information Technology Services

Department web content is the responsibility of the assigned departmental Content Manager. Each department / division will have at least one Primary Content Manager and one Secondary Content Manager. Personnel selected as Content Managers must attend a mandatory training prior to assuming the duties of a Content Manager. Training will be provided through BCTC IT Services.

All departmental content placed on the website will be subject to the Web Accessibility Guidelines. To ensure the content meets accessibility guidelines, it must undergo a two step approval process with Marketing and Administrative Computing reviewing and approving the content prior to posting.

Content Manager Responsibilities include the following:

  • Maintaining current content
  • Ensuring compliance with BCTC and KCTCS policies
  • Notifying the responsible parties if linking to another web page/site
  • Ensuring the finished page/site is accessible through common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome
  • Ensuring all aspects of the site are functioning properly
  • All graphics and photographs must have Public Information and Marketing approval prior to posting.

Social Media

The Public Information and Marketing department administers and maintains the college s official BCTC Facebook (www.facebook.com/bluegrassctc) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/bluegrassctc) pages. Those who wish to contribute information or make suggestion for the pages should email BL_ChitChat@kctcs.edu. Information on Social Media policy is found at: