Upcoming Network Outage / Service Delay

alert icon (1) Upcoming Network Outage: On Saturday, August 5th from 7:30AM to roughly 5:00PM, many of our servers and services will be unavailable due to extensive electrical work in the main server room at Newtown Campus. Network and phone service may also be disrupted during this time. (2) Service Delay: We are currently experiencing longer load times for our online application. We apologize for this delay and appreciate your patience.
More details about the upcoming network outage

Work Order Requests

Work Order Request Process:

  • Any work order requests from faculty, staff or students should be submitted via the M&O work order system.
  • The M&O work order program is a web-based program and is accessible from any computer at https://legacy.bluegrass.kctcs.edu/ites/
  • Use your KCTCS user name and password to log on;
  • Once you are logged on select "M&O Work Orders" from the main menu;
  • Click on this link to expand the menu, you will see three options;
  • Submit Work Order - Select this to submit a new work order ticket
  • Current Work Order - Review the status of your open work order
  • Closed Work Order - Review the details of completed work orders
  • M&O will respond to individual work requests within two (2) business days, unless a specific date is indicated that the work is to be done. Most jobs should be completed within two (2) weeks unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • The ITES work order system is the mandatory method of placing work orders with M&O.
  • M&O will no longer accept requests via e-mail, phone or hallway conversations or by any other means of communication.
  • Please give a three (3) day notice for all work requests; no request may be made more than thirty (30) days in advance.
  • For emergency requests please submit the work order via the new ITES, and then call M&O to discuss further details.