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All of the chemistry courses offered at BCTC may be counted towards the Natural Science component of the General Education Requirements for any Associate degree. Some programs require a specific chemistry course or courses. For example, Environmental Science Technology requires CHE 170 and CHE 175. Check your individual program requirements or speak to an advisor.

This includes the following chemistry courses typically offered at BCTC:

  • CHE 120 Chemistry in Society
  • CHE 125 Chemistry in Society Laboratory
  • CHE 130 Introductory General and Biological Chemistry
  • CHE 140 Introductory General Chemistry
  • CHE 145 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHE 150 Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry
  • CHE 155 Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry Lab
  • CHE 170 General College Chemistry I
  • CHE 175 General College Chemistry I Laboratory
  • CHE 180 General College Chemistry II
  • CHE 185 General College Chemistry II Laboratory
  • CHE 270 Organic Chemistry I*
  • CHE 280 Organic Chemistry II*

*BCTC does not currently offer the Organic Chemistry Laboratory courses. It is possible to take them at the University of Kentucky with BCTC tuition prices through the Blue Plus AS transfer program. See the Transfer Center for details (BCTCblue plus).