BCTC Campuses Delayed

alert icon All BCTC campuses will open at 9:30 a.m., today, January 17, 2018. All classes scheduled prior to 9:30 a.m. are cancelled.

Enrollment Verification

Currently enrolled students may print a Current Enrollment Verification Certificate online using Peoplesoft, and National Student Clearinghouse Self Service Verification.

Click on Peoplesoft to log on to your Self-service account, or click on Student Self-service from the BCTC home page.

KCTCS Student Records is located at the very bottom of the right column:

  1. click on "Enroll Verify - Clearinghouse"
  2. Choose your Home College - then click on "click here for Step 2"
  3. click on "Self-Service Enrollment Verification"
  4. click in the circle for desired proof of enrollment (current, all, or advanced)
  5. click (above) "Obtain an Enrollment Certificate" and a pdf will be created.
  6. Save or print your Enrollment Verification Certificate pdf
  7. LOG OFF