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BCTC legislative interns learn and serve

Published on Aug 1, 2016

Six years ago, we began a program to select and place legislative interns with regional caucus members in the Kentucky General Assembly who support opportunity for great learning experiences for our students. In addition, these students are providing good service to our public servants and learning first-hand about the governing process of the Commonwealth. These students meet high standards for scholarship, interest in the political process, and responsibility. We started small with one student, then two, during the spring semester. With our four students who worked and studied as a part of the 2016 Kentucky General Assembly Session, we have provided 12 students this incredible opportunity. Faculty members have helped select, support, and provide learning experiences for interns to receive college credit for their work. Our Director for Community Outreach and Advocacy has oriented, mentored, and assisted in their success. Eight State Senators and Representatives from both parties, including the Majority Caucus Chair for the House, have provided incredible opportunities for these students to observe, assist, and understand the legislative process.

We appreciate the dedication of our Kentucky Senators and State Representatives who work for the citizens of the Commonwealth. We especially thank those who have provided this valuable learning experience for BCTC students.

Augusta A. Julian, Ed.D