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Get the credit you deserve

Published on Jul 1, 2016

A recent Gallup/Lumina Foundation poll asked Americans about awarding college credit for experience. Most respondents (87%) say they believe students should be able to receive college credit for knowledge and skills acquired outside the classroom. Many respondents who did not report having a college degree, also indicated (41%) that they have thought about trying to earn a degree or certificate. The chance to earn credits for earlier learning might help them take that step.

At BCTC, many students transfer in with credits earned at other colleges. Students also may bring in credits earned in a high school level career and technical class. To give credit for skills acquired in other ways is a little more complicated. We are committed to increase the ways students can receive credit for prior training or on-the-job experience. In some cases, faculty would need to create an exam of some kind to assess the competencies that would be learned in a particular course. In addition, several credit assessment companies such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offer low cost tests to assess skills that can be acquired in ways other than credit classes. CLEP states that each year almost 100,000 people take their exams and more than 76,000 pass. Groups like the American Council on Education (ACE) have developed strategies to award credit for some online noncredit courses. So, there are lots of ways to get recognition of skills and information gained in other ways than taking a college course, and if you need that degree for your career or life, ask us about the possibility. We want to help all students get the education and certificate, diploma, or degree you want.

Augusta A. Julian, Ed.D