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Happy New Year

Published on Jan 2, 2017

Happy New Year to all of you! Time away from classes or work responsibilities can give us a space to think about what matters in our lives. Each year, from Thanksgiving though the New Year, our focus can be on families and fun, the joy of giving, helping others not so fortunate, or time for different pursuits. We can also carve out space for New Year's resolutions or commitment to being more of the person we prefer to be. We read articles about how to keep the pounds off and manage holiday stress. We can also use this time to consider how to address the stresses of our students!

In Fall 2016 at BCTC, we supported almost 10,000 students who are seeking to advance their educational dreams and career goals. We gave students accessible options by offering a four-day class schedule and delivering almost 30,000 credit hours online to almost 5,800 BCTC students and to about the same number of students from other colleges. Many on-campus classes are also developed as "hybrid" so that assignments and "classes" are partly online, thus giving more students even more flexibility.

We are seeing increases in multicultural students and those who experience barriers that are financial, academic, cultural, and family- or work-related. We have many different services and supports for students. For example, caring faculty and staff can help students who are new to college and may be the first in their families to enroll. The First-Year Center especially is designed to give that extra level of services first-year students need such as advising, career counseling, study skills, tutoring, laptop loans, and peer mentoring.

This Fall, students attended classes in seven BCTC locations, and we completed construction and preparation to occupy the new Georgetown-Scott County Advanced Manufacturing Center. This newest campus, dedicated to expanding the manufacturing workforce, opens to students on January 9 with programs moving from both the Leestown Campus and the Toyota plant facilities. The learn-and-work partnerships in Georgetown and at the Danville Campus gives each student the chance to build a relationship with an employer and be paid for his or her work.

We continue to add programs to meet the needs of employers and students, recently including pharmacy technician, paramedic and emergency medical technician, and supply chain management. Expansions have been implemented in surgical technology, certified medical assistant, information technology, theater and film, and business in the last couple of years. New plans, partnerships, and facilities will increase spaces for nursing and other allied health careers.

Students at BCTC will be supported to excel, with whatever mode of learning they prefer, at whichever BCTC facility they attend, in whatever program and career they pursue. New initiatives and innovative strategies are just a part of our commitment to imagine more and be more at BCTC in 2017.

Augusta A. Julian, Ed.D