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Love learning and develop many different skills

Published on Sep 12, 2016

I was a "first-generation" college student. Neither of my parents had a college education and both made it into jobs and careers through determination and hard work. My mom was a business officer and accounting technician at a small manufacturer in our hometown. My dad started his own contracting business with his brother to plumb and tile residential bathrooms and kitchens. If they had been able to go to college for a technical degree, they would have been better prepared and able to succeed sooner, or they may have made other choices. But their experience made them both value education, and I grew up in a home filled with newspapers and books. So, by personal experience, I am curious and love learning and also value the many skilled technicians and professionals it takes to provide products and services we need in modern life. I have been lucky to have had the chance to get advanced degrees within formal education.

Today, students may start at community college and develop work skills, explore careers, or get started on a path to a bachelors or advanced degree. At BCTC, we are committed to both high-quality career, technical, and workplace skills and an excellent foundation for students to go on to further education, or both! Our students who get certificates, diplomas, or degrees usually get good jobs and also do well when they transfer to a university. I hope you too are on your way to the education and career you will love.

Augusta A. Julian, Ed.D