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Task Forces on Diversity and Global Learning

As we get ready for another exciting and challenging academic year, we welcome the BCTC community to the college for Fall Semester.  It is energizing to see new students, faculty, and staff who will be helping us be the best college we can be.  Two new efforts are underway that will coordinate planning and development for student support.

Two years ago BCTC created four priorities for the college that represent the pathway for students from outreach and recruiting through retention to completion of a credential.  Some 55-plus people from across the college were appointed to Project Teams to address these priorities directly.  They proposed, piloted, completed, or recommended a number of new, comprehensive initiatives that are supporting our students well.  The four Project Teams completed their work earlier in 2018.  They accomplished a number of important outcomes:

  • Career Pathways is handing over their work to others within the college to update the website, improve the accessibility of resources for career planning, and look at curriculum updates to support completion strategies.
  • Retention and Completion will continue as a committee to support various aspects of the Strategic Enrollment Management plan and other retention strategies. 
  • Enrollment Pipeline has piloted strategies and developed materials to support recruiting and admissions processes.  A focus for the future will be specific efforts to identify and implement high-impact recruitment and retention strategies for African American, Latino, and other community-specific populations.
  • Global Learners and Equity Support (GLES) has completed research and made recommendations on increasing and improving services to immigrant and refugee students and all students who need global awareness and international experiences.  More needs to be done in this area.

To move forward on two specific outcomes of the teams' work, this past summer we created new "units" within the college and appointed two task forces to help craft new initiatives in these areas.  These are the Diversity Recruiting and Retention unit and Task Force with team leader, Shelbie Hugle, and the Global Learners unit and Task Force to be led by Erin Howard. 

The Diversity Recruiting and Retention Task Force will be charged to enhance recruitment, outreach, and retention for historically marginalized communities and identify and implement high impact recruitment strategies for African American, Latino, and other community-specific populations among other goals.

The Global Learners Task Force will be charged to promote cultural competency among students through opportunities for exposure to and appreciation of many cultures and work with curriculum liaisons to develop programs and strategies for enriching the global and international educational experiences of students among other goals. 

These two efforts can lead to better experiences and outcomes that address students' individual barriers to success and provide the opportunity to understand and operate in a multicultural world and global society.  Attention to these important goals of a college education are helping to make explicit our support for students' hopes and dreams.