Board of Directors Meeting June 3, 2020 | BCTC

Board of Directors Meeting June 3, 2020


Microsoft Teams Meeting Conference Call, 6:00 p.m.


  1. Welcome/Introductions - Ron Walker, Board Chair
  2. Business Meeting
    1. Approval of Minutes, March 4, 2020 - Ron Walker, Board Chair
    2. Outgoing/Income Student Representatives - Ron Walker, Board Chair
    3. Budget Committee Report
      • Approval of 2020-2021 Budget
    4. President's Evaluation Committee Report - Robert McNulty, Committee Chair
    5. Review Committee Assignments - Ron Walker, Board Chair
  3. Information/Discussion
    1. President's Report - Dr. Koffi Akakpo
    2. Budget Update, 2020-2021 - Lisa Bell
    3. Enrollment Report - Dr. Palisa Williams Rushin
    4. Foundation Report - Dr. Laurel Martin
    5. Functional Area Updates
      • Finance & Operations - Lisa Bell
      • Academics & Workforce Development - Dr. Greg Feeney
  4. Announcements - Ron Walker, Board Chair
  5. Adjourn - Ron Walker, Board Chair


Approved by the BCTC Board of Directors on 09/09/2020

  • BCTC Board of Directors, Chair: Ron Walker Jr.
  • BCTC Board of Directors, Secretary: Dr. Joshua Hoekstra

Members Present

  • Joshua Hoekstra
  • Ted Vittos
  • Tom Stephens
  • Bob McNulty
  • Florence Huffman
  • Marissa Smith
  • Olivia Scholz
  • Gbili Ntambidila (Simon)
  • Ron Walker, Jr.
  • Brian Houillion

Guests Present

  • Mark Manuel
  • Dr. Koffi Akakpo
  • Dr. Greg Feeney
  • Dr. Palisa Rushin
  • Michelle Sjogren
  • Lisa Bell
  • Ray Mizell
  • Loren Zink
  • Ross Johnson
  • Bruce Manly
  • JoEllen Reed
  • Elizabeth Pruitt

I. Welcome/Introductions - Chair, Ron Walker

Mr. Walker called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. and asked all in attendance to identify themselves, verifying all board members were present.

Mr. Walker stated that all votes will be taken by verbal roll call of members.

II. Business Meeting

The March 4, 2020 Board of Directors meeting minutes were reviewed. Tom Stephens made a motion to approve the minutes as presented, Florence Huffman seconded. No discussion. Brian Houillion abstained from voting because he was not in attendance. The minutes were approved by all other board members.

Mr. Walker thanked Bob McNulty for conducting the March 4th meeting.

Mr. Walker welcomed Gbili Ntambidila (Simon), the new SGA President, and asked Simon to tell the Board about himself. Mr. Ntambidila stated that he is originally from Africa and moved to the United States in 2014. He attended Henry Clay High School. Mr. Ntambidila stated he chose BCTC over UK for his first two years of college. When he graduates, he will transfer to UK as a pre-med student.

Mr. Walker reported Seth Spears, past SGA President, was not present so the Board of Directors will thank him for his service to the board at a later date.

Marissa Smith reported that the Budget Committee met on Monday, June 1, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. via MS Teams meeting. She emphasized that the BCTC budget is a student-centered budget consistent with previous year's goals.

She reported the Budget for fiscal year 2020-2021 was reviewed and approved by the Budget Committee.

Ms. Smith asked the board if there were any questions and there were none.

Mr. Walker stated that board members were contacted and he completed Dr. Akakpo's performance assessment for the 2019-2020 school year. This information was submitted to Dr. Jay Box, KCTCS President. Mr. Walker commented the board had given Dr. Akakpo high marks for his service as BCTC President. There was no further discussion.

Mr. Walker commented that the Board of Directors has three standing committees:

  • Strategic Planning
  • President's evaluation
  • Budget Committee

Mr. Walker instructed Elizabeth Pruitt to email a description of each committee and asked board members to select at least one committee they would like to join, indicating first and second choices. He added that there must be at least three board members on each committee. These selections will be returned to Ms. Pruitt.

III. Information/Discussion

Dr. Akakpo reported that he is proud of the BCTC Community who "all have been phenomenal in this challenging time." He stated that Dr. Feeney and the faculty moved all classes online with very short notice, and helped students complete all requirements for graduation. He also complimented staff for stepping up to provide service to students remotely.

Dr. Akakpo reported on BCTC enrollment:

  • Spring 2020 was 9,451, compared to 8,832 for Spring 2019
  • Summer 2020 is at 3,326, compared to 3,596 last year. He is confident that BCTC can make up the difference before the end of Summer II.
  • BCTC's Fall enrollment for 2020 is currently 4,449.

Dr. Akakpo reported the state legislature decided to approve a one-year budget, instead of a two-year budget due to the uncertainty created by Covid-19.

A state mandated budget cut of state appropriation has been issued for this fiscal year. BCTC has to return 1% of state appropriation, approximately $180,000. He commended Lisa Bell and her team for being prepared for these uncertain times.

Dr. Akakpo stated that BCTC is preparing to return to campus in the fall. He has formed a cross functional taskforce led by Dr. Feeney. This taskforce is working to create a comprehensive, flexible and phased plan to enable faculty and staff to return to campus safely.

Dr. Akakpo added that fall classes will be online as much as possible due to the uncertainty caused by Covid-19. The safety and well-being of the BCTC community is his primary concern.

Florence Huffman thanked Dr. Akakpo for the college updates and stated that he is doing a great job. Ms. Huffman asked if a student would be a part of the taskforce. Dr. Akakpo stated that he will ask Simon, BCTC's new SGA President, to be a part of the taskforce.

Mr. Walker commented that he has been extremely proud of how Dr. Akakpo, the leadership team and the entire college have handled the Covid-19 situation. He also expressed appreciation for his communication and care for the students. The Board is very appreciative of what Dr. Akakpo has done and continues to do to keep things normal.

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 – Budget was developed based upon the following assumptions:

  • Per semester credit hour tuition increase of $5.00
  • Increases in dual credit enrollments
  • Student tuition revenue budgets increased by 3.5% from FYE 2020 actual realized revenue
  • Employee benefits rates remain constant
  • Zero increases in salaries for employees
  • Non-recurring allocations of fund balance made for temporary wages and operating expenses
  • Non-recurring allocations of fund balance made for capital construction and asset preservation projects

Lisa Bell reported that the 2020-2021 total budget is $98,723,000 million, which includes a $15.9 million increase from last fiscal year - unrestricted budget increased by $10 million and the restricted budget increased by $5 million.

Mr. Walker asked Lisa Bell to give an update on the bad debt expense and report on the bookstore commission for the current fiscal year. Ms. Bell stated that the bookstore commission revenue is $245,000, which was same amount as the March 4th board report, due to not yet receiving the commission payment for this quarter. Bookstore commission budget is $360,000 and it is uncertain if we will make that amount for this fiscal year. Lisa Bell stated Barnes and Nobles service positively impacts our students.

Ms. Bell reported bad debt expense is $103,000; however, this amount is not final for the fiscal year. Bad debt expense has decreased significantly over the last few years as the college has focused on improving collections.

Florence Huffman asked Lisa Bell to explain the $8 million BCTC expense recharge for system office. Lisa Bell stated that this amount is the total that BCTC pays to KCTCS for System wide contracts and services offered by the System Office.

Ms. Smith asked if there was any news on the KCTCS compression study. Ms. Bell stated that KCTCS plans to recommend to the board of Regents that it not be implemented at this time. Dr. Akakpo reported that Board of Regents was considering one compression study scenario, but due to Covid-19 uncertainty, it was put on hold. The compression study addresses inequities in salaries of faculty and staff.

Ron Walker requested approval of budget with a contingency for the student tuition increase approval by KCTCS Board of Regents and no employee pay increase. Motion was made by Brian Houillion, seconded by Bob McNulty. No discussion. Unanimous approval by Board.

Elizabeth Pruitt will gather budget forms needed to be signed by Chair, Ron Walker.

Dr. Rushin reported that there has been an increase in enrollment over the past four weeks. With the enrollment gap between fall 2020 and fall 2019 decreasing from 19.3 percent to 6.4 percent. She is cautiously optimistic that enrollment will continue to trend upwards. As of today, the fall enrollment is 4,449 as compared to 4,752 last year. This is a difference of 303 students or 6.38 percent.

Dr. Rushin stated that she is proud of the aggressive and assertive work by staff to continue enrollment growth compared to this time last year.

The following is a highlight of strategies that were completed remotely to increase enrollment for the fall 2020 semester during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Use of virtual platforms to deliver programs and services including, Teams, Zoom, Goggle Voice, Signal Vine, What's App, and the College website, email, and phone.
  • Virtual daily campus tours and presentations.
  • Academic program spotlights featuring technical faculty.
  • High school counselor and college career coach Zoom meetings providing critical updates and Q&A.
  • Scholarship Watch Party to award 24 new students BCTC scholarships with families in attendance.
  • Call campaigns completed by the financial aid office to students who had missing information for FASFA and scholarship applications.
  • Two college wide Courtesy Call Campaigns initiated by Dr. Akakpo to call every student enrolled at BCTC to encourage to completion and check on well-being.
  • BCTC Spirit Challenge, to encourage enrollment. Students submit video showing school spirit and winners are eligible to receive a free laptop with enrollment in classes for the fall semester. Videos will be posted on social media.
  • ReUnite Campaign targeting African American and Latinx students who did not enroll for the spring semester, but attended in the fall. A Completion Scholarship will be awarded to 80 students who enroll in one course for Summer II. The scholarship will be a 50% discount on tuition for one course.
  • Curbside Celebrations for BCTC programs that serve high school students including Talent Search and the PEARL Academy.
  • Fayette County High School Graduation Celebration, BCTC recruiters and other staff participated in the celebration at the Horse Park and were by far the best represented college.
  • Student Forums focusing on military and veteran student services, safety and security, transfer, library and tutoring.
  • First year orientation online program was developed and included first year chats with faculty and staff. Online orientation has been translated into four languages: Spanish, French, Arabic, and Swahili.
  • Advising offered through email, phone, Zoom, and Teams.

Dr. Akakpo reported that as of last week, BCTC has the lowest enrollment decline in the system. He stated that everyone is working to increase the enrollment numbers.

Dr. Hoekstra stated that students have choices and BCTC may benefit from the current situation. He asked if BCTC will be able to be lenient with registration to capture students who may be changing their plans in the current climate. Dr. Rushin stated that she is anticipating an influx of students closer to fall. She stated that they are working to reduce barriers for student enrollment.

Mr. Walker asked if BCTC would conduct a marketing campaign for enrollment. Michelle Sjogren reported that summer and fall enrollment campaigns are currently running utilizing billboards, social media, and television. Bus ads and radio will kick off July 1.

Dr. Hoekstra stated that BCTC should late enroll students as long as possible. Mr. Hoekstra mentioned that he felt the path to enroll students were more cumbersome than it needed to be with the Blackboard call center creating barriers by not having correct information. He is concerned about how many students did not enroll due to bad information.

Dr. Feeney stated that all leadership gives input on the call center and stated that he feels this is not aiding BCTC in the enrollment process. Dr. Rushin stated that the 859-246-6200 number goes to BCTC rather than the call center. Her team is proactive with a "nudge" campaign to all students who have inquired about enrollment, but not made the next move.

Mr. Walker asked about adding BCTC's phone number in marketing/advertising. Michelle Sjogren reported that the number can be included in some marketing platforms, such as buses.
Ms. Smith asked if BCTC was promoting the multiple semester start dates.

Dr. Feeney stated that BCTC currently follows enrollment and uses that information to respond to the needs of students by adjusting 8, 12 or 16 week programs.

Dr. Hoekstra suggested during late registration that BCTC have a contact person in each crucial area to help advisors with student enrollment during late registration. Dr. Feeney and Dr. Akakpo asked Mr. Hoekstra to please make others aware of issues, so they can be addressed. Dr. Feeney stated that BCTC does not want this to happen to any student. Dr. Rushin stated that she will provide Dr. Hoekstra asked for a clear process for escalation of this type of situation. Dr. Akakpo stated that if you are not getting what you need from staff, feel free to call anytime.

Ms. Huffman emphasized that customer service is important and mentioned Raving Fans book. We need to go to the extra mile for students. She stated that she commended BCTC's efforts.

Mr. Walker asked staff if there is a way to have a closed session with the board. Ross Johnson stated that there is not an easy way to go into closed session. Ms. Huffman stated that it must be on the agenda to hold a closed session, according to open records.

Mark Manuel gave the report and stated that there has been a change in Foundation leadership. Currently, Mr. Manuel will be the Executive Director of Foundation and will work to take the Foundation to the next level. He will also be looking at job descriptions in Advancement and Organizational Development (AOD). Mark Manuel encouraged board members to give to the BCTC Foundation to reach 100% participation from all board members.

Mr. Walker stated that it doesn't matter "what" you give, but "that" you give. He requested all board members to consider giving to show unified support for the college.

Mr. Manuel stated that if any board members have questions about Foundation changes, please contact him.

Dr. Feeney reported, at the request of the board, Gbili Ntambidila (Simon) was invited to the next opening taskforce meeting.

Dr. Feeney recognized the work of faculty and staff in supporting students during this pandemic. Out of over 2000 sections this semester, we only had 57 with an IP grade. The last of these classes will finish up this week, with the exception of some clinicals, which we need access to complete.

Dr. Feeney reported the launched an expanded online mentoring program to provide support to our students having difficulty with the transition to online, or needing encouragement.

All orientations moved to an online format. A significant portion of it is self-paced and can be completed as students have time. These sessions are supplemented with live chats focusing on particular topics (e.g., technical, transfer, undecided, health). Students may attend as many as they like.

Dr. Feeney reported fall face to face classes will have a strong online or remote instruction component so if they must move online in response to a COVID 19 reemergence, faculty and students will be already ready for the transition with materials in place in Blackboard to ensure continuity of learning.

Also for fall, admissions and placement requirements will be modified, given the inability in spring and summer to assess potential students in proctored settings. This is supported by KCTCS policy and the Council on Postsecondary Education. The Academic Council recommended and the President's Leadership Team endorsed waiver criteria for all colleges to be effective for all terms beginning Summer 2020 through Summer 2021.

Dr. Feeney reported BCTC dual credit is having ongoing conversations based on individual school plans. A dual credit taskforce led by Harmony Little and comprised of KCTCS and KDE representatives will continue planning for fall. He further reported on dual credit:

  • Enrollment Fall 2019: 1,376 (Increase of 23% from Fall 2018)
  • Enrollment Spring 2020: 1,335 (Increase of 19.9% from Spring 2019)

8 NEW Schools Added for 2019-20:

  • Carter G. Woodson Academy
  • Clark Co, ATC
  • Eastside Technical Center
  • Frankfort Christian Academy
  • Frankfort High School
  • Garrard Co. ATC
  • Great Crossing High School
  • Madison Co. ATC
  • Fall 2019 enrollment for Dual Credit was higher than the enrollment at Cooper, Leestown and all Regional Campuses, second only to Newtown Campus.

Dr. Feeney ended by recognizing 12 faculty who retired this semester an incredible institutional history, six with over 30 years of experience two, with over 40!

Retiree Years of Service
Barber, Cindy 32
Durham, Jeff 16.5
Frisbie, Elizabeth 30
Roemmele, Lise 18
Saunier, Margaret 43
Spencer, Janella 31
Tucker, Cindy 13
Unruh, Tim 23
Watts, Jean 24
Wilson, Vicki 32
Saretta Craft 2.8
Debbie Holt 44
Total Years 309.3

Mr. Walker asked what BCTC or the board can do to thank the retirees for their service. Dr. Feeney stated that the college completed a video and delivered yard signs to celebrate them

Bob McNulty left the meeting at 7:24 p.m.

Ted Vittos asked what is BCTC doing to improve success for newly online students. How will a recession impact students? How is BCTC helping students with technology? Mr. Vittos stated that he would like more information on what the taskforce is doing to address this. Dr. Feeney stated that BCTC is currently looking at trends with students and responding to them and the call campaign helped BCTC address the challenges that students were facing. He stated that BCTC is also working with faculty to enhance skills for online instruction and offering online mentoring for students who are struggling. He stated that he will continue to update the board on this issue and if the board would like, could have faculty present at meetings to explain how they are conducting online classes.

Ms. Smith asked how BCTC is providing options for students who do not feel they can complete online. Dr. Feeney stated that BCTC is addressing these needs specific to the course/student and providing options and a plan for each. Dr. Feeney stated that this is the same approach BCTC will take in the fall.

Ms. Bell reported the Newtown Campus of BCTC is serving as a Kentucky COVID-10 drive thru testing location.

BCTC underwent a KCTCS Internal Audit review resulting in only four audit findings.

Business Services has been busy closing out all accounting and purchasing activities for FYE 2020 as well as successfully locating 100% of the college's assets, 717 individual items totaling $20 million in value. The equipment physical inventory was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Capital construction projects continue at the Danville Campus and at Newtown Campus including 250 additional parking spaces.

Ms. Bell commended her team for the following:

  • Budget Development: Mindy Huang for completing the budget development and balancing process by herself.
  • Operations: Beecher McCarty for his leadership, service as BCTC's Healthy at Work Officer and for developing the Healthy at Work training for System wide use. Operations has continued in person work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Housekeeping increased cleaning protocols and continue summer cleaning projects
    • Maintenance has been building physical barriers and completing projects
    • Security infrastructure projects continued - implemented new camera software and added cameras, reviewed all door locks, completed lockdown equipment upgrades to ensure that all buildings can be locked down from the interior
  • Information Technology Services: Commended the IT leadership team (Ray Forsythe, Chad Hayes, Loren Zink) on their leadership
    • COVID-19 Pandemic Response
    • Implemented a laptop loaner program for both students and employees. To date, we have loaned laptops to 61 students and 59 employees. Supported the transition to remote work by setting up Jabber and remote connections for all necessary college personnel. Provided uninterrupted, live technical support throughout the transition to online learning and remote services. Assisted Faculty with technology training.
    • The migration to OneDrive and Teams, completed in December, enabled uninterrupted access to college files as we transitioned to remote work during the suspension of in-person services. It allowed many employees to access their files securely without using a college computer or a VPN connection, which freed up resources for other users. Off-site access to files in the event a campus was inaccessible was one of the benefits of cloud storage we touted during the migration, we just never expected we'd end up using it on the scale we have.
    • Outdoor Wireless Coverage Expanded for all campuses.
    • Supported preparation and execution of student and employee facing video conferences via Microsoft Teams such as the Student Government Association meeting, the BCTC Theatre Program's spring preview, SACS QEP faculty review, and HR new employee onboarding.
    • Set up a new Pearson Vue Testing site at the BCTC Lawrenceburg campus to allow for GED testing to be delivered at that campus. The site allows for testing of up to eight individuals at a time.
    • Computer Rotations - Working to replace computer classrooms and upgrade machines.

IV. Announcements - Ron Walker, Board Chair


V. Adjourn - Ron Walker, Board Chair

Mr. Walker requested a motion to adjourn. Brian Houillion moved to adjourn at 7:44 p.m.; no second.