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Meet Our Students

Father and Son
Father and son, Jason and Noah Perdue, will begin college together this fall. AAS, Welding Technology - Read Profile
Rosine Tanyi, AAS, Surgical Technology
"BCTC has it all: diversity, value, personal assistance, and it's close to home." Rosine Yanyi: AAS, Surgical Technology - Read Profile


Kara Hamilton: AAS, Medical Information Technology

"This is a community where you get to know your classmates and faculty on a personal level." - Kara Hamilton: AAS, Medical Information Technology - Read Profile


Tim Leshney: AAS, Manufacturing, KYFAME

"After the military, returning to college wasn't easy, but it was worth it!" - Tim Leshney: AAS, Manufacturing, KYFAME - Read Profile


Jose Nino, AS Business Management, Transfer to UK

"BCTC offers an opportunity to achieve much more in life through education." - Jose Nino, AS Business Management, Transfer to UK - Read Profile


Crystal Wicks
"BCTC is preparing me for the career I want when my children are not my full-time job. Going back was scary, but there are students of all ages in my classes and online classes and flexible course schedules fit into my life. My new career? Teaching CIT."

  • AAS - Computer Information Technology
  • Newtown Campus
  • Graduation 2018

Alexandria Barnett
"Community engagement is not an event in Winchester, it's a culture highlighting the importance of higher education. I love showing my community that it's possible to be a better YOU! When I graduate, I'll continue to give back to humans and my animal friends as a veterinarian."

  • AS - Animal Science
  • Winchester Campus
  • Graduation 2018

Blake Napier
"When I graduated, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. BCTC saved me time and money as I explored career paths close to home. Now that I've found welding, I'm sure I made the right decision. Companies contact BCTC daily look for welders, so I'll have a job as soon as I graduate!" 

  • AAS - Welding Technology
  • Danville Campus
  • Graduation 2018

Aaron Vargas
"My education is an investment, not only for me, but for anyone I will care for in the future. I have amazing instructors who are helping me every step of the way, and I'm proud to say that thanks to BCTC, I'm doing this debt free."     

  • AS - Nursing
  • Lawrenceburg Campus
  • Graduation 2019

Evan Pettit
"I wanted to go to work. BCTC provided real-world experience with knowledgeable faculty who prepared me to work in the field while attending college. Now, I'm an automotive technician at Rod Hatfield Chevrolet, gaining experience I need to open my own shop, and maybe even teach automotive classes one day."

  • AAS - Automotive Technology
  • Leestown Campus
  • Graduation 2016

Andrew Boyce
"After making some bad decisions, it took 10 years to get to college. Since then, my life has been getting better every single day. I love my small classes, the professor encouragement and the opportunity to learn about our political system."

  • AA - Political Science
  • Graduation 2018

Arianna Conner
"I'm the first in my family to go to college, so staff and faculty who care about student success help a lot.  I'm learning in Frankfort that it takes the help of many to make a difference."

  • AS - Finance
  • Graduation 2019
  • Continue on to UK

Foster Gregory
"With no parental guidance or funding, I fought for the privilege to attend college. I'm now a college student and guardian of younger siblings.  I'm not sure of my career path, but I'm figuring it out at BCTC. It will definitely involve doing good for my family and the world."

  • AA - deciding
  • Graduation 2019

Sarah Hein
"After overcoming some challenges, I'm having a rewarding experience at BCTC as a non-traditional college student. BCTC has provided a career path and enormous opportunities. I'm excited to see where this takes me!"

  • AA - Criminal Justice
  • Graduation 2018

Jeffery Ishmael
"With the help of my professors, I went from a C high school student to an A college student. This change came after overcoming hardship and developing determination that I want to model for my kids one day. I am now on a path to success!"

  • AS - Computer Science
  • Graduation 2018

Zachary Jones
"BCTC offers a top-notch education at an affordable price, while offering opportunities like legislative internships that are valuable to my future career and allow exploration of my passion for politics and making a difference in our commonwealth."

  • AA - Business Management/Leadership
  • Graduation 2018

Christina Mathis
"I'm a single mom of two small children, so time management was a huge obstacle for me. I love that my nursing professors care about me and go above and beyond to ensure that I succeed for me and my children."

  • Nursing
  • Graduation 2019

Shyan Stivers
"At 18 I was responsible for myself, working two jobs to help pay for college and living expenses. I wasn't ready for college, but BCTC offers programs like the First Year Center for students like me. I'm grateful for opportunities that will open doors to my future."

  • AA - Social Work
  • Graduation 2018

Nathan Thacker
"I was a good student with many choices, but I liked the small classes at BCTC. With interest in law, legal services and the legislative branch of government, I think this experience will give me connections and life lessons that will help move my education and career forward."

  • AA - Law
  • Graduation 2019