Jason and Noah Perdue, AAS Welding Technology | BCTC

Jason and Noah Perdue, AAS Welding Technology

Jason and Noah Perdue, AAS Welding Technology

Father and son, Jason and Noah Perdue, will begin college together this fall

They are completing an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in welding technology and hope to use their education to expand their hobby of restoring old cars, and possibly start a new business.

Jason, now retired, loves taking old cars and making them like-new. The BCTC welding program will help him pick up additional skills that will come in handy for his hobby, and it is a great opportunity to spend time with his son. "It's awesome doing this with my son. This extra time together is priceless," Jason Perdue said.

Noah, who graduated June 2019 from Bourbon County High School, enjoys hands-on work and wants a career in welding. This field is high demand and high wage with many opportunities for employment. He and his dad have even talked about starting their own business. It's not only the new career Noah is looking forward to, he's also excited to take this journey with his dad: "This is a new experience. Before, he went to work, and I went to school. Now, we're doing what we're really passionate about together."