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Transforming Lives in the Bluegrass, One Student at a Time

Christina Patin SmallChristina Partin
(Source: By Stephen Burnett a KyForward contributor) When Christina Partin was still a child, and her mechanic father would work on cars, tractors or lawnmowers, she would often want to go outside and watch the repairs. Read more

Sarah Thomas Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas didn t start college with an interest in politics. But somehow, it seemed inevitable. She grew up in Arkansas near the childhood home of former president Bill Clinton. During a summer job in Illinois, she met a junior state senator who eventually became President Barack Obama. Read more

Photo of Kristen Richardson Kristen Richardson - Laid Off Worker Turns Life Around at BCTC
Kristen Richardson worked 17 years in customer service for national companies, dot-com start ups, and as a vice president over customer service for a software company. But after she was laid off, she lost three potential management jobs because she did not have a college degree. Read more

Photo of Troy and Caleb Estes Troy and Caleb Estes - Father and Son Take Friendly Competition to the Classroom
It's only natural for father and son, Troy and Caleb Estes, to have friendly competitions. It's that ambitious drive that has led them to the classroom. Read more

Photo of Charles BerryCharles Berry - High School Grad Kicks Into 'High Gear' at BCTC
During most of his time in high school, Charles Berry wasn't planning on going to college. But a "boot camp" kicked him into high gear as in working with big motors, electrical controls, program logic control and hydraulics. Read more

Mindy Vap Mindy Vap - BCTC Lifts 'Heart and Soul' of Nursing Grad
It was always Mindy Vap s childhood dream to be a nurse. But it took dropping out of college and support from instructors when she returned to realize it was in her heart and soul. Read more