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Provide individual tutoring to students with disabilities as assigned by Disability Support Services (DSS) Tutor Coordinator. Work with students to improve academic achievement by meeting with them on a regular basis to clarify subject matter. Other assistance might include: reviewing class material, discussing the text, predicting test questions, formulating ideas for papers, working on solutions to problems, improving study skills, or improving organizational skills. Tutoring is a supplement to classroom teaching.


  • Complete an orientation to tutoring session with the DSS Tutor Coordinator.
  • Check email daily for new assignments and announcements
  • Contact assigned students within three working days of receiving the assignment.
  • Be punctual for all scheduled tutoring sessions. It is the tutor's responsibility to notify the student as soon as possible if unable to meet with the student. If unable to reach the student, contact the DSS Tutor Coordinator at 859-246-6531 or BL_Tutor@kctcs.edu
  • Complete and submit daily logs and time sheets by 4:00 pm on the due date.


  • 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Have completed the class (or equivalent) and received a grade of A or B
  • 2 letters of recommendation:
    1. One addressing responsibility/reliability--from someone, other than a family member, that you have known at least one year (preferably from a past employer or professor)
    2. One from a professor in the department of the subject you wish to tutor
  • Background Check (paid by the college)
  • A copy of your transcript (can be unofficial)
  • Must have a bank account for payroll direct deposit


To apply, please contact the DSS Tutor Coordinator at 859-246-6531 or BL_Tutor@kctcs.edu