BLINKS Transfer Enterprise

A transfer collaboration between BCTC, The Links organization and KSU:

BLINKS Application

20 BCTC students that have applied and been approved for BLINKS will have an opportunity to utilize mentoring, study strategies, and other resources to help them be successful at BCTC and to graduate with an AA or AS. After which if they have a 2.8 or above will be awarded full tuition to KSU for their undergraduate degree.

  • To increase the graduation rate of community college students
  • To increase the number of community college students who transfer to HBCUs
  • To encourage greater collaboration among community colleges and HBCUs
  • To increase the enrollment of selected HBCUs
  • To increase the graduation rate of students at HBCUs

For more information see Charlene Walker VP Multiculturalism and Inclusion.