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Carnegie Hall

Challenging America, Reengineering National Education Gains Including fresh Epistemologies & Holistic Approaches to Learning and Leadership

Carnegie Hall will consist of 1 week Intense Academic Summer Emersion Camp continuing throughout the year with semi-monthly Saturday learning activity. Each of the students will be assigned a significant adult other as a coach. The 1 week camp will consist of 30 high School juniors and seniors from all over Kentucky. These students will be selected with input from educators, religious leaders and community citizens from each of the KCTCS institutions.Photo of the Carnegie Presentors The 30 scholars will in turn each be assigned a middle school team mate who will partner, a company and participate with them in the year long Saturday activities. This structured training will enable the 30 students not only to appreciate and respect learning but also be involved in civic engagement and service to a middle school mentee. Each student camper who completes the Summer Emersion Program will receive a monetary stipend of $100.

Each Saturday visit will include a monetary stipend of $50 for the attending scholars to cover transportation costs. The Saturday training will be hosted at different LSAMP institutions. The host site for the emersion camp will beheld in a remote area ( i.e Jbez or other UK owned 4H camp) where full concentration will be focused wholly on the academic curriculum. Camp counselors and instructors will consist of professionally trained educators in the above mentioned disciplines and national merit scholars. The Saturday sessions will include additional sessions in the disciplines offered in the summer camp but also incorporate additional workshops. The summer graduate and their mentee will attend similar activities (grade appropriate) during the Saturday sessions.

Expected Outcome

The project will produce for the University of Kentucky, the KCTCS System, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky a steady pipeline of STEM ready students prepared for the rigors of a STEM curriculum leading to professional positions that will accommodate the technology workforce needs. This unique effort places the Kentucky citizenry in a competitive position for jobs in the 21st Century. Additionally, since many posit that the free market/global economy will be driven by the STEM silo of subjects these young individuals will enjoy opportunities to contribute to the free market economy, and there by ensure the U.S. hegemony in science, technology engineering, and mathematics.


Sparking an age of a generation who conquers all challenges, while remaining committed to success. Constructing mathematical and engineering thought processes so that the sciences and technological aspect; lead to more success. Making others stronger, by forfeiting...NOTHING!