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Academic / Career / Life Skills Advisement

Students need direction and support. Diversity Outreach Services(DOS) provides one-on-one personalized advising to help students with academic, career and life skills guidance and referrals. Students are welcomed via appointments, walk-ins, phone calls and emails. DOS welcomes students from diverse and underrepresented populations and the general student body, including new, returning, non-traditional and transfer students.

For More Information about STUDENT ADVISEMENT (ACADEMIC/CAREER/LIFE SKILLS) & MENTORING go to, contact, call 859/246-6529 or stop by103J Oswald Building - Cooper Campus.

Underrepresented Students

Underrepresented students, and students participating in services offered through Multiculturalism and Inclusion activities, are offered academic, career and/or life skills advisement, mentoring and referrals.

Students Needing Direction/Referrals

College is full of challenges and students often need direction and help when bombarded with issues that result from juggling responsibilities at home, school and work. Having personal issues or a crisis, getting behind in class, dropping a course, needing to withdraw from school, financial aid issues, housing needs, etc., - all require help. Assistance is available to help navigate through such circumstances.

Returning and Non-traditional Students

Students return to school for a variety of reasons and may experience anxiety and doubt. Assistance is available to provide direction, encouragement, support and advisement in pursuit of their academic and career aspirations.

Student-Athlete Transfer Prospects

Students who are interested in transferring and playing intercollegiate sports at other institutions may receive academic advisement, recruitment and eligibility information, and help with making college contacts and referrals.

Intramural Sports Participants

Intramural participants automatically receive information about academic and career/life skills, advance registration, and tutoring and transfer services at the college. Participants are offered opportunities to receive academic advising and are encouraged to utilize the appropriate academic support services, and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Kentucky Minority Educator Recruitment and Retention Scholarship (MERR)

Minority students who are interested in teaching can receive referral information for the Kentucky Minority Educator Recruitment and Retention Scholarship (MERR). The scholarship provides financial assistance up to a maximum yearly award of five thousand ($5000) dollars for minority students enrolled in teacher education programs available at any of Kentucky's state universities. Those attending a community or technical college may receive up to $2000 per academic year. Students must meet specific program requirements for eligibility. The scholarship is a competitive and renewable award to be used up to four academic years if attending a four-year institution; and two academic years if attending a community and technical college. For more details about the MERR Scholarship, go to

For more information about Diversity Outreach s Academic/Career and Life Skills Advisement services please contact or call 858/246-6529 or stop by103J Oswald Building - Cooper Campus.