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Latino Leadership and College Experience Camp

About the LLCEC
Dates: Sunday, July 27th through Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 at BCTC, UK and EKU
Cost: $40 per student

The LLCEC is a unique experience that provides Latino and immigrant youth with an intensive college preparation and leadership development experience. Simulating college processes, high school students from across the state of Kentucky are able to enjoy a creative mix of college-like courses, leadership development workshops, teambuilding activities, cultural experiences, sports activities and social justice awareness. The LLCEC introduces participants to current college students, college professors, community leaders, and an extensive peer network. The close work with the professors allows students to forge healthy and challenging professor/student mentorships that focus on academic success and personal accomplishment.

During the camp, each student is able to visit with representatives from all major colleges and universities in Kentucky, participate in workshops on college planning, financial aid and scholarships, and gain insights from leadership workshops, motivational speakers, community artist and current college students. The LLCEC integrates culturally responsive lessons within the courses provided and offers activities that expose the students to African American and Latino American history and cultural in an effort to help students better develop their self-awareness.

Currently in Kentucky, only 17% of Latinos ages 25-64 have an associate s degree or higher. According to the CPE, 61% of Latino students graduating from Kentucky s high schools are not prepared for college. The LLCEC has set out to improve these numbers. The program has served 260 students; of those who have completed high school 84% have enrolled in college. LLCEC participants have enrolled in nearly every Kentucky regional/ flagship institution and a variety of institutions within the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. The first LLCEC cohort in 2006 boasts a 79% college completion rate fair exceeding the state average for Latino students. While we have a lot of work to do to ensure all of our students complete high school prepared for college, enter college, and successfully progress, this program has shown promise that, simply put, it works. By combining academic preparation with leadership development and college coaching support, students have been able to succeed.

In 2013, the LLCEC was named as an Excelencia in Education Finalist for the Examples of Excelencia Award.