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College Success Resources

The Design your Future Guide (873kb PDF)provides Latino and Immigrant students a college planning workbook that includes vital information about the basics of college, financial aid, scholarships, and much more.

Beginning in middle school, all Kentucky students are able to create an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). BCTC Latino Outreach can help you create your plan and make the best decisions possible regarding your future. The ILP can be created in English and Spanish. For more information, visit KDE s Individualized Learning Plan site.

10 tips for Latino college students

  1. You will have more freedom!
    You will have more freedom because you will be able to select your classes, your career path, your schedule and most likely your professors. For the most part, what classes you take and when you take your classes are up to you. Remember though that when given more freedom, you are given more responsibility. It is up to you to go to class, to pay attention, to turn in your assignments and to speak to the professor if you have a problem. It is also very important that you speak to an academic advisor when selecting your classes. This will help you make sure that you are on the right track to graduate. Don t forget BCTC Latino Outreach provides advising for students seeking an Associates in Arts, Associates in Sciences and those who are still undecided.
  2. You will have more responsibility!
    So, you have more freedom, buy you also have more responsibility. Your professors are not going to demand that you complete your assignments. Your success depends on your own study habits. If you need help, BCTC offers support through the Student Counseling Center.
  3. Know yourself!
    It is really important that you set realistic expectations for yourself. For example, if you are not a morning person, don t schedule classes for the early morning. If you are not good at a certain subject, get a tutor before you really need one. If you have to work more than 20 hours a week, don t take a heavy load of classes.
  4. Not sure about what you want to be? It is okay! Many people begin college as undecided freshman. Many more students who declare a major change it at least once before they graduate. If you are undecided, make an appointment with for career counseling through the BCTC Latino Outreach Office or the Student Counseling Center. We can also help you find someone to job shadow, internships and volunteer opportunities.
  5. Don t panic...
    Many people who are used to making all A s and B s in high school might find that their grades may go down the first semester. It is not the end of the world. You must work hard and study hard, but remember, you have to adjust to college life, so give yourself a little time. Learning to balance school, work, family and friends is difficult. If you find yourself having a hard time learning to balance, please visit reach out to us for support.
  6. Be time wise!
    Here s the deal: Your classes are credited by hours. More than likely you will have a classes that count for 3 credit hours. This means you are in class, for at least three hours a week (either Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 50 minutes or Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday for 1 hour and 20 minutes). For each hour, you are expected to study an additional 2-4 hours OUTSIDE of class. So for each 3 credit hour class you take a week, you will need to read, research, review notes, and complete assignments for a grand total of 6-12 hours! Don t forget, going to school full time is like having a full time job! Set aside time each day to study. It is important that you don t get behind.
  7. Get involved!
    Studies have proven that students who are involved in activities at school do better in classes. BCTC offer intramural activities, student government association, and much more. Join a campus organization or a community based organization in need of volunteers. BCTC Latino Outreach has a list of local organizations serving the Latino and immigrant communities who need volunteers like you. Visit the Latino Outreach Office in OB 103 for more information. Also, join ENLACE, the BCTC Latino Student Association. You will not only have fun, but you will meet other students, professors and campus staff all of whom might be valuable help to you in the future.
  8. Get some study buddies!
    Don t be shy; get to know the other students in your class and form study groups. Study groups can help you stay motivated; they can help with information that you might not have understood; and, they can quiz you on class theories and concepts. BCTC also offers FREE Tutoring in many different subjects at all BCTC Campus locations. If you need help, ask!
  9. Pay attention!
    Check you a campus email. Obviously, you can check it from anywhere using the internet, but you must check it! BCTC will send you very important information regarding your tuition, financial aid, registration and much more.
  10. Don t forget about the $$$$.
    Many students don t know that they can apply or reapply for school based scholarships after their first year. BCTC has a wide variety of scholarships to provide to students, but you must apply.

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