MOSAIIC Conference

November 9 & 10, 2017

University of Kentucky in Blazer Hall (MLK Blvd) and historic Patterson Hallmosaiic know your rights logo

Free to all registrants from  schools in the Central KY  Diversity Consortium

Join us at the fourth MOSAIIC for the Central KY Diversity Con-sortium. This conference offers a respectful space for us to explore difficult topics on systemic racial disparities. Students, staff and faculty from members of the Consortium attend for FREE, but registration is required. We focus this year on “Know Your Rights:” your rights in a democracy.

Sessions will be led by scholars at all levels (and their community partners):  panels, facilitator-led discussions, poster sessions with new ideas (e.g., service-learning projects), and creative expressions by activist/scholars.  Invited speakers also address juvenile justice issues in community-based engagement. We want to offer hands-on skills for activist/scholars to use in their service-learning and/or volunteer activities in their local communities. mosaiic sponsors

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