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Blackboard Rubric Development

Click on Rubrics from the Blackboard Course Tools Menu

In the Create Rubric screen, give the Rubric a Name

In the Rubric Detail area, Click the down arrow to Rubric Type and select either Percent or Point Range.

Create the Criteria and Levels of Achievement for the Rubric. Below is a URL to a sample Discussion Form Rubric that can be used and/or modified to fit your needs.

Sample Rubric (PDF)

Click Add Row to add more Criteria Levels

Click Add Column to add more Levels of Achievement

Type the Rubrics Comments into each of the Levels of Achievement. Can copy/paste from a Word document.

Click Criteria button to reorder the Criteria Levels

Click Levels of Achievement button to reorder the Achievement Levels

Click Submit to save Blackboard Rubric

Screenshot rubric creation screen

Create your Assignment and/or Discussion Form and assign Associated Rubric to Assignment using the “Add Rubric” drop down and selecting “Select Rubric”.

You can also create a rubric directly from the new assignment screen by clicking the “Add Rubric” drop down and selecting “Create New Rubric”.

Screenshot add rubric