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OneDrive - Uploading And Editing Files

This is a tutorial showing how to upload files to a shared OneDrive folder and edit those files.

STEP 1: Open OneDrive
Open the Email link on the College Web site and select Go to your Email:

Screenshot Email link location

Click the Office 365 Icon then click OneDrive link

Screenshot Office 365 menu

STEP 2: Upload your File
Open the destination folder where you wish to upload your content, e.g.

Screenshot Folder view

Click Upload and locate your file:

Screenshot upload icon

Alternately, create a file using the +New button:

Screenshot New button

STEP 3: Edit / Review a File
Open the file by clicking Edit in Word:

Screenshot Edit in Word location

Use the Review TAB to insert comments and to view the Show Comments screen:

Screenshot Review tab

*TIP* Be sure to select the passage on which you wish to add a comment before clicking “New Comment.” Click the “Show Comments” button to open and close the comments panel.